"Ukrainian otamanshchyna in 1918–1919" – history reconstruction one of phenomenon of Ukrainian revolution of period of the Directory

  • Volodymyr Mykhailovych Sherbatuk National academy of internal affairs (Kyiv)
Keywords: Otaman, Otaman formations, Otamanship, Overlordism, Deviance, the Directory, the Insurgency, Peasant insurrectionary movement, Research, Ukrainian revolution


The article is devoted to the analyze a new research of modern Ukrainian historian Y. S. Mytrofanenko to one of social-political action the Ukrainian revolution 1917–1921, and it clarifies its full coverage. It is the first studies of otamanship in the national historiography. The author proposed own view on otamanship. Based on the principal groups of different sources the author traces two lines in the study and presentation of the peasant insurrectionary movement (otamanship (overlordism) and insurgency and demonstrated their contradictoriness, defines peculiarities of the research of the issue, analyses the contemporary national and foreign historiography of otamanship (overlordism). Was analaysed different types of otamanship (overlordism) in the territory of Ukraine in 1917–1920's. Little-known personalities of otaman's group were analyzed.This book is for scientists, teachers, students and anyone who holds aninterest in the history of the peasant insurrectionary movement of 1917–1921.

Author Biography

Volodymyr Mykhailovych Sherbatuk, National academy of internal affairs (Kyiv)
Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, professor of the Department of History of State and Law of the National Academy of Internal Affairs (Kyiv)
Scientific discussions