The insurgency of the Katerynoslavshchyna of the revolution of 1917–1921 in the assessments of representatives of the Ukrainian emigration and the diaspora

  • Anhelina Vadymivna Bulanova Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University
Keywords: Diaspora, Rebellion, Emancipating struggle


The article is devoted to the review of narrative heritage and historiography of the Ukrainian emigration and the Diaspora of the 20thcentury dedicated to the rebel movement in the Katerynoslav province in the period of revolution 1917−1921. Тhe Scientific actuality of this problem is related to the diversity of the political forces, acting in this territory in a specified period, ranging from the Anarchists and ending the Bolsheviks. Found that in the Diaspora literature was carried out the first attempt of periodization of the revolutionary events. In particular, V. Vynnychenko in his work "Renaissance of the nation" divided into four periods the liberation competitions of 1917−1920, laying the basis for such division the critical role of different social layers in a period of time.Describes the contribution of Diaspora historian and a direct participant in the revolutionary events D. Doroshenko in the study of the problem. In his two-volume work found mention of the Katerynoslav region and pro-ukrainian activists, who acted in the region in early 1917, and about the establishment in the spring of 1917 the structures of the Free Cossacks as territorial and military organization. The attention is focused on the works of M. Hrushevsky as a representative of federalists direction, who noticed to the ideological difference between russians and ukrainians, the orientation of the last of them to the western world.The article also highlighted a work of D. Solovey "The Golgotha of Ukraine", which presents statistical data of the dynamics of the uprisings, described the reasons for the defeat. Analyzed the contribution of other Diaspora historian and member of liberation competitions I. Mazepa in the study of the problem, whose writings contain valuable material about the Ukrainian movement in Katerynoslav region. An important addition to the study of the rebellion in Katerynoslav region in this period is works of I. Nagayevsky, M. Omelyanovich-Pavlenko, R. Mlynovetsky (Brzesko).It is concluded that ukrainian diaspora historiography devoted to the features of the rebel movement in Katerynoslav region in the period of revolution 1917−1921, presented a small number of scientific works and narratives of political figures, ideologues, and shows the diversity of views and interpretations of events of the revolutionary era.

Author Biography

Anhelina Vadymivna Bulanova, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University
Bachelor's degree student at the Faculty of history of the Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


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